Terms of Sales

Your new pet is guaranteed to be in 100% perfect health for 2 days. All animals are checked over before release I know they're in perfect health when they leave my hands.

Do not delay in asking for assistance I am more than happy to help!    

In the event that an animal begins to exhibit signs of a health issue, please contact me within 12 hours so that I can try to help you remedy the problem before it's too late. This is very important, and failure to do so WILL void your guarantee.   

 The exception to the 2 Day Health Guarantee is the purchase of fish, aquatics, or when an animal is purchased at an Expo! I can NOT guarantee that the buyer will not shock their fish or aquatic pets once they get them home. I can NOT guarantee how your existing or new setups will effect the fish or aquatic animal you have purchased.  I can NOT guarantee what my animals may come in contact with after you purchase it from me and carry the animal around the expo with you. I can NOT know what other animals from the other vendors may be carrying that could or would transfer to the animal you purchased from me.

All guarantees will be VOID if you leave your pet in a HOT/COLD vehicle on your way back home. If you leave any animal in a HOT/COLD vehicle you in my personal opinion should not own an animal period!

Expired Animals

In the event that an animal needs to be replaced, a photograph of the deceased animal and vet proof of cause of death will be required. Do not take it personal when you are asked for photographic proof/vet documentation this helps me get somewhat of an idea of what caused the death.

Returns & Replacements

Any live animal being replaced must be returned at your expense before a replacement is sent out. Once it has been determined that your claim is valid, I will ship out your replacements at my expense.

Health claims must be submitted to me via Facebook or email within 2 days of the original ship date. Claims made after 2 days are null and void, no exceptions.

Customer must request and accept shipment of the replacement animal(s) within 30 days of the original ship date. Health claims over 30 days old will be considered null and void, no exceptions.

Feeding Issues Excluded

Any animal must be provided with a proper diet.  I can not stress this enough please do all research about the pet you are interested in purchasing. If health problems or death occur as a result of the buyer not feeding the animal the proper diet that the certain animal needs to survive ALL Guarantees are VOID. Please make sure that the “treats” you wish to give your new friend are not TOXIC what might be safe for one animal may not be safe for another. Please please make sure the food is safe before giving it to your new friend.  Please make sure the food you wish to give is the proper food for that animal.    






All of my animals are handled daily and are exposed to children along with other pets. With that said please remember animals are animals. A stressed or frightened animal does have the potential to bite. I highly advise you limit handling of your new pet for up to two weeks. Please allow your new pet to have time to adjust to their new home. This is a big change for them that does cause a lot of stress. Again a stressed animal may very well bite. You have been advised I am not responsible for a bite that you may suffer from the animal being stressed, frightened, or handled incorrectly. Please again research all you can about your new pet before purchase. It is wise to learn the correct handling of a new pet before attempting to do so what might be comfortable for one animal may actually be harmful to another.     

Zoonotic Diseases 

Zoonotic Diseases are diseases that are past from an animal to a human. Again this is where I again stress the importance of research. All and any animal has the potential to pass a zoonotic disease to you or your family. Please research the possibility rate and type of zoonotic diseases the pet you wish to purchase might carry. What one animal might carry may be different from another animal so research is highly important. I highly recommend ALWAYS washing your hands after handling any animal. Keep the animals environment clean and free of urine and poo. Also always wash your hands after handling not only your pet, but also it's food/water bowls, toys, or bedding. I know you may want to cuddle your new pet or give it sweet kisses but also know doing so increases the chance that you may get a zoonotic disease from your pet. I do have all my pets checked by my vet, but this still does not rule out that a zoonotic disease may be present or could become present in the future. I am NOT responsible for any zoonotic disease that may occur due to you being in contact with your pet. When you purchase a pet from me you are in agreement that you have done your research and that you know the risk that comes with being in contact with said animal. MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING! Please also use common sense when dealing with your pet or any animal for that fact.   

Shipping Address Must Be Correct

Orders will ONLY be shipped to the address listed as the shipping address in your order. Please be sure the information you enter as the shipping address is entered correctly, and please be sure that is the address your order is supposed to ship to. I cannot be held responsible for deliveries made to the address you provided. Please take the time to double check what you enter is correct. Lives very well may depend on it!

Shipping to a FedEx hub?

If you require shipment to a FedEx hub, you must provide the address of the hub as your shipping address, along with instructions to have it held for customer pickup. I cannot ship to a FedEx hub without the address.

Gecko Tails

Geckos drop their tails from time to time, often times for no apparent reason. This is a natural occurrence and most hobbyists do not consider it a defect. In fact, I don't discount geckos that have dropped their tails. I cannot be held responsible if tails are dropped during shipping. 

Guarantee on Sex Determination

When any animal is sold as a male or female, I offer a 100% guarantee to that effect. If an animal is sold as unsexed, but listed as probable male or probable female, that is only my best guess. Please realize that the size of the animal will have a direct bearing on how accurate that guess will be. 

For animals sold as a guaranteed male or female, you must double check the sex of the animal within 2 hours of arrival. In the event an animal appears to be the wrong sex, I must be notified within 12 hours. Otherwise, I will consider our transaction complete. If an animal arrives incorrectly sexed, the animal will be replaced with one of the proper sex or store credit will be issued.

Orders Must Be Paid in Full Prior to Shipping (shipping days are Tuesday & Wednesday) No exceptions!
In the event weather is preventing safe shipment I will hold your pet until it is safe to ship. It is the customer's responsibility, however, to let me know as soon as it is safe to ship on their end. 

Payment Plans

I sometimes will agree to do payment plans on large ($300+) orders, but only with a 25% or more non-refundable deposit. The only catch is that a payment plan must be adhered to exactly as agreed upon up front. Payments made, both the deposit and installments, are non-refundable. Broken payment plan agreements will not be issued any refunds or credit, regardless of the reason. This is the only way I'm able to offer payment plans, as I need to be absolutely certain that an animal is spoken for once it is marked sold. Please make sure you understand that payments made on a payment plan will not be refunded or applied to the purchase of other animals.

Live Animal Shipping Terms

I only guarantee live arrival when temperatures are between 50F and 80F for animals.

In order to ship live animals safely, buyer must adhere to the policies that I have outlined here. No exceptions will be made to my shipping terms whatsoever. If you think I told you something differently, one of us may have been confused because there really are no exceptions when it comes to shipping my animals safely.

ALL LIVE ANIMAL PURCHASES ARE FINAL - There will be no refunds under any circumstance, NO EXCEPTIONS.Please do not order unless you are 100% sure you can afford to buy and care for the animal(s).

By purchasing a pet from me you are agreeing to my "All Sales Final" policy. 
Again, I do not give back money under any circumstance. Please do not ask.

Animals that arrive DOA or with health problems will be replace or credit towards another animal.

Note About Color 

Depending on factors such as environment, stress and the presence of food, the color and/or intensity of the color on most reptiles does change drastically. 

Please remember the fact that monitor settings vary from computer to computer, so it's literally impossible to make any photograph appear the same on everyone's computer monitor.

Because of these factors out of my control, I regretfully cannot offer refunds due to misinterpretation of color. However, should you receive an animal whose color is not to your satisfaction, please let me know via Facebook or email immediately (same day), so that you can ship it back in exchange for store credit. Customer is responsible for shipping in this situation. Also please note that reptiles under a certain weight change colors greatly as they grow into adulthood. I will not replace a pet or give credit in the event the animal isn't the color you want it to be once it's an adult under no circumstances. Animals must be returned within 3 business days (customer will be responsible for actual shipping costs both ways). This is something I only offer as a courtesy, so please be aware that I do not accept animals that have been maintained outside my collection longer than 3 business days.

ALL Live Animal Sales are for the continental US ONLY!!