Regular shipping days are Tuesday, and Wednesday. I am limited to how many orders I can ship in one day, so I recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible. Scheduling is done via Facebook or email. 

All Shipment Scheduling Pending Safe Weather Conditions

Safe shipping temperatures are something I take very seriously - they are literally a matter of life or death. I only ship when temperatures are safe.

Minimum Overnight Low: 50 F Maximum Daytime High: 80 F (cool packs use in temps over 75 F). 

Shipping is a flat rate of $50.00 USD via FedEx overnight priority.

ALL guarantees will be VOID if you are not there to sign for the pet during the first delivery attempt! It's not like you didn't know your pet would be on the way.

Shipping for mammals and aquatics is not available at this time. When you purchase an animal that falls in this category please select the local delivery option at time of checkout. You must contact us via Facebook or email with your confirmation number to schedule your pickup time and date. If you have to reschedule a pickup you must contact us within 24 hours of original date.

 ALL guarantees will be VOID if you leave your pet in a HOT vehicle on your way back home. If you leave any animal in a hot vehicle you in my personal opinion don't need to own an animal period.

ALL Live Animal Shipping is continental US ONLY!!!